The Siding Contractors Association of Alberta

The Siding Contractors Association of Alberta is a non profit construction trade association that is focused on improvement and advancement of the Siding Industry in Alberta. Our contractor, supplier and manufacturer members are located throughout the Province of Alberta.  We set professional standards for our members; provide continual learning & sharing opportunities; and represent our members on issues impacting the industry.

Our members deliver quality, integrity and dependability!

Alberta Mandatory New Home Warranty

February 1, 2014 all new homes in the province of Alberta were required to be covered by a New Home Warranty Program.   The mandatory warranty provides homeowners with...

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What should you think about before starting your project?

The exterior cladding of your home is made of many components, which if installed correctly, protect your home from the environment by keeping moisture from penetrating your home.   

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What you choose to cover the outside of your home with will not only determine how your home will look but also how much effort and money it will take to install and maintain that appearance. 

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Choosing a Siding Contractor

Your home is important to you and you expect the best!   The Siding Contractors Association has contractor, supplier and manufacturer members who also want you to have the best.      One of the most important things in getting quality siding on your home, whether it is wood, vinyl, metal or fiber cement, is getting a quality installer to do the job.  

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Maintenance of your siding

The way you maintain your siding depends on the product.  Make sure you read the manufacturer specification on maintenance.

Not only do you want to maintain the face of you exterior cladding, you should also check any areas that are caulked. 

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Buckling Siding

Posted on February 3rd, 2016

My vinyl siding is buckling!   Why is this happening and how can I fix it? Buckling of vinyl siding can be caused by a few factors.    Vinyl expands and contracts and if it is fastened too tight ... Read More

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What Clients Say

I was building a new house and had a lot of questions about the siding being installed.   I wanted to make sure that there wasn't any leaks on my house and needed to be sure it was being installed correctly.  The Siding Association had some good books that helped me understand what the installers were doing and I found out that the company doing the work was a member of the Association.   The job was completed well and it looks great!

Patrick,  May, 2016

Technical Information

  • Moisture doesn't have to be a problem, over 90 details to help manage moisture and ensure an effective building envelope.  Order your copy of the manual now!       





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We are committed to assist our members to be the contractors, suppliers and manufacturers of choice by setting professional standards for our members; providing continual learning and sharing opportunities; and by representing our members on issues impacting our industry.    

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"Even when other problems demand your full attention, the Officers, Directors and the Association keep working in your interest!"

Careers in Siding

  • Siding Installers are responsible for installing components of the Building Envelope that prevent outside moisture from entering the building.  Read More.
  • Occupational Designation for Siding Installers - An application has been made to the Alberta Apprenticship & Training to have Siding Installers recognized as a Occupation.    What does this mean to the industry and Siding Installers?  The AIT has decided to set up a Provisional Committee to work on more details related to Occupational Designation for Siding Installers.   Want to work on the committee or find out more about it?
  • Training Programs for Siding Installers - The Siding Contractors Association of Alberta is developing an online Siding Installer Course that will consist of a number of modules.   The first module is available, click here to take the course!



SCAA Membership Only

In order to access the minutes of our meetings and technical information, you must sign in as a member of the SCAA.   If you haven't requested a login id, please contact the office.

SCAA Board of Directors

To access the Board of Directors Minutes and special notices, please sign in as a member.   Once signed in you will be able to access both the Board and the General Membership meetings.





SCAA Events

We hold monthly luncheon meetings in Edmonton & Calgary. Guests of members or potential members are welcome but you must register with the office prior to the meeting.

Timing of the meetings are:

11:30am    Doors open 

11:45am    Luncheon Buffet

12:15pm    General Meeting & Speakers

North Region Meeting   Thursday April 4, 2019 at Boston Pizza (4804 Calgary Trail, Edmonton)

South Region Meeting  Thursday April 18, 2019 in the Alpine Room, Austrian Canadian Club (3112-11 Street NE, Calgary)







Excellence in Exteriors Awards

The Siding Contractors Association of Alberta is proud to offer recognition to the finest exterior project Alberta has to offer.   Awards will be presented for projects completed in 2018, by SCAA members.   These award will recognize excellence in workmanship and attention to details for Single Family, Multi-Family and Commercial projects.   Find out more about the 2018 awards!